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The Growth by Design System

Growth by Design is the ‘ One-Stop System for Radical and Profitable Growth ‘ which, in just 4 days , helps leaders build an unprecedented growth strategy by perfectly aligning the key drivers: Products, Business Models and People .

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Here are some of the results that Growth by Design makes possible:

Move from Reactive to Proactive behavior: With Growth by Design, you don’t react to market movements and competitive pressures but anticipate and shape market trends, opening up new, unexplored growth opportunities.

You will receive unique tools: the “Radical Growth Map ” to guide change, the ” Compass,” and the “Navigation Tools ” to measure progress and guide you in the transformation process.

You evaluate the performance of the products/services, the business model, and the people right from the start; you’ll discover a unique self-assessment process that ties growth directly to ROI.

Discover “The One KPI,” a unique performance indicator for key business results, from stakeholder expectations to achieving operational excellence and 100% performance across the entire organization.

… and many more results for unprecedented growth!


Here are some of the radical growth results achieved by our clients.

Lucian Angel
The adoption of the Growth by Design model  , coordinated by Dan and Adi, was transformative. It helped us redefine the company and realign our vision, mission and values ​​to capitalize on new growth opportunities. My goals as a shareholder have become an integral part of our strategic planning. The clear focus of  Growth by Design  has increased our expectations and results, ensuring we achieve our 3-year growth targets. Seeing our leadership and staff aligned and actively engaged speaks volumes, that  Growth by Design is the secret ingredient for systemic growth and radical change in any organization.

-Lucian Anghel | Founder & CEO EnergyPal & FMS

The RockThePost management team   has had the privilege of working with Dan. Before Dan’s visit,  RockThePost  was operating in a very competitive space trying to figure out how to add value in a unique way. Working with Dan, I had some revelations as I understood the direction the company needed to take to become one of the leading online platforms in the startup investment space. After 3 months of such a magical moment, the amount that startups launched on the  RockThePost platform  have collectively raised from $4 million to over $17 million. Dan’s role was critical and we will always be grateful for his contribution.

Alejandro Cremades | Cofondator Rock The Post

The implementation of the Growth by Design model  at FMS has significantly improved our operational management and strategy, leading us to high profitability. This model has enhanced our team’s performance, aligning with our operational excellence goals. Dan and Adi helped us clarify role definitions and focus on aligning strategy with daily tasks. The team’s assumption of redefined roles has fueled our growth and profitability while increasing their engagement, motivation and accountability. The Growth by Design model   has been valuable in orchestrating our performance system and providing strategic clarity, marking an important shift in our operations.

-Daniel Pana | VP Operations EnergyPal & FMS

After only two work sessions of two days each, my husband and I, as founders, along with our management team, formulated the strategy for Transylvania College for the coming years. The results appeared in record time: in the first 9 months, the number of students increased by 40% after 7 years of stagnation. Just 2 years into the program, I completed the campus. Today, the College is the most popular school in Romania and is in the top 4 best Cambridge Schools in the world.

– Simona Baciu | Co-founder of Transylvania College

Häfele Romania , a member of the leading international company providing hardware and assembly systems and electronic access control systems, increased its revenue by 30% in one year, helping small furniture manufacturers to transform their showrooms into modern, state-of-the-art, low-cost places to display their work and give potential buyers the  Häfele experience .

– Ovidiu Toader | Ex-CEO Häfele Romania